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Puppy feeding and nutrition

Puppies have particularly specialised dietary demands that differ from adult dogs due to their fast growth and gradual development of their digestive and immune systems. It is critical to provide your puppy with a nutritionally balanced diet that is suited to their individual needs in order to encourage healthy growth and establish the groundwork for a healthy future.

Why is puppy’s diet important?

Puppies go through a lot of development and growth. Their food is critical in determining how strong and healthy your puppy will be as an adult dog.

  • For one Month: A puppy can begin weaning from its mother's milk to solid food at the age of one month. They require nutrients in order to strengthen their natural defences and stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in their sensitive digestive tract.
  • For two-four Months: With carefully regulated doses of calcium, phosphorus, and Vitamin D, the focus at this period is on supporting the development of your puppy's skeletal structure.
  • For four-seven Months: At this age, your puppy is beginning to gain weight and need a lot of high-quality, easily digestible protein.
  • For ten months to adulthood: Puppies, especially bigger breeds, require additional nutritional support for their joints as they get older, as their muscles fill out and put strain on their skeleton.
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