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Taking care of the health of your dog

Your puppy undergoes a remarkable transition throughout the first few months of life. You'll lay the groundwork for a healthy future together if you look after their health and help them adopt good habits now.

Six helpful hints for keeping your dog healthy

There are several basic things you can do to keep your puppy healthy in the early weeks of your relationship. The veterinarians and dietitians at Bangalore Puppy Farm have provided some helpful advice.

  • Learn to read your puppy’s body language so you spot if they might be ill.
  • If you feel something isn’t right, or your puppy doesn’t seem their usual self, speak to your vet.
  • Make sure your puppy gets the right nutrition from a specialist, well-balanced puppy diet.
  • Allow lots of opportunities for your puppy to sleep and relax peacefully both during the day and at night.
  • Dogs thrive in companionship, so spend time with them and remember to engage and play with them.
  • Always follow your veterinarian's vaccination and deworming recommendations.
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