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Puppy grooming fundamentals

Grooming will be simpler for the rest of your puppy's life if it is used to being handled from a young age. Understanding that each dog breed has different grooming requirements is crucial to keeping your dog's coat healthy. Getting pups acclimated to being handled from a young age is a wonderful idea. If a dog is gently introduced to grooming from the time, he or she is a puppy, the experience will be less traumatic for them and more relaxing for you in the future, allowing you to easily satisfy their requirements.

Rubber Brush

Close-cropped coats require a rubber brush to release dead skin and fur.

Brush slicker

Removes extra hair from the undercoat while working against the coat to release dirt. Grooms frizzy and coarse coats beautifully.

Pin brush

To gently detangle knots or mats, which are especially frequent in long or silky coats, use a pin brush.

Brush with bristles

After brushing a dog's coat, this tool is used to remove debris.

Comb with a lot of teeth

A kinder tool that may be used on tails and paws.

Knife for stripping

Four or five times a year, coarse-haired dogs are stripped. A professional groomer should utilise this instrument.

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